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And he gave some, pastors and teachers.
(Ephesians 4.11)


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The primary object of all our ministry is to exalt the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are also committed to proclaiming the whole counsel of God from all the scriptures, believing wholeheartedly that God speaks to us today through his word and by his Spirit. ‘All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness’.

The church is currently served by three elders. They are collectively responsible for teaching, pastoral care and the spiritual oversight of the congregation.

Andrew Pollington has been connected with Evington Chapel since 1980 when he began studying at Loughborough University. Supported by the church he began preaching in other churches as opportunity arose. Since the retirement of our former pastor in 2009 he has had the oversight of the church, preaching more regularly at Evington and organising others to minister to us.

Jonathan Davey was converted at an early age and is thankful for the clear Biblical teaching he received during his childhood and while at university. With the support of his local church he began to minister to a number of congregations and was introduced to Evington Chapel in November 2014. He was called to serve as a preaching elder in October 2019 and joined the church shortly afterwards to commence this new work.

Russell Healey
was converted at school during his time in the sixth form where Christian pupils faithfully spoke to him about the Gospel. He benefitted from the preaching he received in those early years and while at university. He and his wife first attended Evington Chapel in 2014 and joined the church in 2018. He was appointed as an elder in 2020

The church at Evington Chapel has been blessed with faithful gospel ministry for many years. We are especially thankful to God for the loving and devoted service of former pastors.

Former pastors

D Oldham

Mr David Oldham
Pastor: 1983-2009
F L Rowell

Mr Frank Leslie Rowell
Pastor: 1957-1973
J T Sharples

Mr James T. Sharples
Pastor: 1916-1935

J Ashworth

Mr John Ashworth
Pastor: 1884-1914

W Perrett

Mr William Perrett
Pastor: 1881-1884